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Attendance Policies

Welcome to the new school year!

One of our goals this year is to ensure that every student attends school regularly. 

Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. 

We realize some absences are unavoidable due to health conditions or other circumstances.  However, we also know that when students miss too much school – regardless of the reason – it can cause them to fall behind academically. 

Your child is less likely to succeed in school if he or she is chronically absent.  Absences can add up quickly.  A child is chronically absent if he or she misses just two days every month. 

In an effort to collaborate with you and keep you informed of your child’s attendance, school sites will be reaching out to you in the event that your child misses school this year based on the guidelines below:





Letter 1

7 attendance events

3 full day attendance events

Letter 2

10 attendance events

7 full day attendance events

Letter 3/ Meeting

15 attendance events

10 full day attendance events


Please remember that every absence matters and just a couple of days each month adds up.  Families are key to improving attendance.

Let us work together to encourage your child to strive for Fewer Than 4 absences To Learn More this school year.


If your child is going to miss school for ANY reason, please call the school office at 951-736-7110 or send a note giving the name of your student, the student’s teacher, the reason for the absence and the day/date the student(s) will be absent. This procedure will prevent unnecessary calls to the home as all absences must be verified by our office staff for State and District Compliance.

Parents, if you are planning to have your child/children out of school for 5 or more consecutive days, please speak with our attendance clerk, Maria Contreras, as soon as possible to set up an Independent Study Contract. All parties (Administrator, Teacher, Student and Parent must all agree.)

Should I Keep My Child Home?:
Green Light- Child does attend school with the following:
- Muscle aches
-Mild headache
-Stomach ache without other symptoms
-Allergy Symptoms
-Asthma (controlled)
-Lack of sleep
-Reluctance to attend due to emotional factors

Yellow Light- Child may go to school with the following:
-Chronic runny nose
-Lingering cough
-Mild headache
-Muscle aches
-Sore throat without fever

Red Light- Child does not attend school with the following:
-Fever 100 degrees of higher in the morning
-More than one episode of vomiting or diarrhea
-Untreated ear infection, symptoms of pink eye, impetigo or ringworm (unless area can be covered)
-Chicken Pox - until all lesions are crusted and dry (usually 7-10 days)

-Rash with fever
-Untreated head lice
-Sore throat with fever
-Runny nose with thick green mucous


All medications need to be processed through the health office by an adult. Children may never transport medication to school. Also, if your child has a fever, they need to stay home. Do not medicate the fever and send them to school.

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